A wonderful rooster windmill looks awesome wherever you place it. Kids and visitors will love when the wind play with your garden decoration.

Wooden Rooster Windmill Spinner Whirligig Folk Art Handmade Hand Painted Yard Decor

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   Wooden Rooster Windmill Spinner 

A wonderful wooden folk art windmill  that captures all the fun of this traditional wind decoration. Fits well with outdoor garden decor.

A great yard art decoration for any spot you decide to place it!

Also makes an entertaining gift.


Stand is just approx. 60cm ( 23" )high. It has small cap on top so you can place a rooster on top of the stick and the rooster will turn as the wind changes. 

Since those rooster are all handmade and hand painted there might be some small difference in color or size.

Measures: - rooster 31 x 29 cm  ( 12.2" x 11.4" )

                    - wings 60 cm ( 23.6" )

 Handmade in Slovenia - Europe with a tradition in wood ware since 1492.