Wooden Boot Jack Handmade - Handcrafted Wood, Iron & Copper

Wooden Boot Jack Handmade

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Remove shoes as well as boots without having to bend over or your socks get dirty.
Handmade boot jack crafted from natural wood. Ensures ease and comfort when removing your boots while preserving the integrity and longevity of their stitching and soles. 
This handsome and useful accessory will make a wonderful addition to any entryway or foyer in the city or country.
Dimensions:  37 x 10cm
                     14.56" x 3.93"

As it turns out, what happens when you take those boots off can be just as important to preserving their longevity. With its low profile and simple shape, the humble boot jack might not look like much, but it’s ingeniously efficient and easy to use. Instead of resorting to the same violent game of tug of war, this lightweight tool makes it possible to remove your boots without putting any undue stress on the stitching and soles. Because you remain standing throughout the whole process, it’s also easy on the back — a nice way to show yourself the same care you devote to your favorite footwear.