Most simple and safe nut cracker. By twisting the screw cap, you can crack the nut with ease. Even a kids can do it without any flying shells around.

Wooden Nut cracker Walnut Sheller European Vintage style

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Introducing our European Oak Wooden Nut Cracker in a charming Mushroom Design – a perfect addition to your nut-cracking experience!

Crafted from natural oak, this adorable mushroom nutcracker not only adds a trendy touch to your coffee table but also makes for an excellent gift. By simply twisting the screw cap, cracking open walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, and more becomes a breeze, requiring much less force compared to typical nut crackers. The design is pinch-free, making it safe even for little ones to enjoy cracking their own nuts.

Made in Europe from certified Oak Wood, this nutcracker boasts quality and craftsmanship. Its unique features were highlighted in the New York Times article "Nutcrackers: Master of the Hard Shell" on November 20, 2014. Renowned Chef Chris Cosentino praised its elegant and simple design, comparing it to a porcini mushroom.

Proudly made in Slovenia, a region with a rich tradition in woodware since 1492, this nutcracker seamlessly combines historical craftsmanship with modern functionality. Elevate your nut-cracking experience with this unique Slovenian-made nutcracker – where tradition meets innovation!

Height: 10cm - 3.93"