Hand Forged Flower Planter with Stainless Steel Basket 47cm-18.5'' - Handcrafted Wood, Iron & Copper

Hand Forged Flower Planter with Stainless Steel Basket 47cm-18.5''

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       Hand-Forged Multipurpose Bowl

This handmade real hand-forged wrought iron flower planter is eye catching piece of every garden. 
Its wrought iron frame is hand forged, corrosion protected and dyed in gray color tone. Inside the frame is brushed stainless steel bowl.

Every single piece is hot deep galvanized with 150-250 microns coating that prevent any rust and painted with special graphite color protected from Slovenian National Heritage Institute.  All our outdoor product are still the same as new even after 10 years of use.

On last two pictures you can see how this planter can also be used. You can use it as a wine cooler or as a decoration burner (because of  the second bowl in the middle frame stay's cold). Burner runs on bio ethanol. Bowl in the center should be filled with sand while bigger bowl is filled with stones so small bowl stays in the center. You just simply spill 1 dcl of bio ethanol on the sand and the burner should be on fire for 2 hours.

You can choose between leaf and spiral design finish (see the top of the frame).

The wrought iron products are hand forged unique creations made in Slovenia. The smithy has 300-year-old tradition and is a nominee of “SRCE SLOVENIJE” award.


Measures frame: - high 34cm (13.4'')

                           - diameter 47cm (18.5'')

Measures might vary a little since this are handmade products.