Luxury Hand Forged Fireplace Tools Set Wall Hanging 4 Pieces Wall Mounted Set - Handcrafted Wood, Iron & Copper

Luxury Hand Forged Fireplace Tools Set Wall Hanging 4 Pieces Wall Mounted Set

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Discover the timeless elegance of our REAL Hand Forged Wrought Iron Fireplace Tool Set – a meticulously crafted masterpiece that brings authenticity and artistry to your hearth.

Individually handmade by skilled blacksmiths, this wrought iron fireplace tool set undergoes a transformative process involving heat, hammering, and scrolling. The distinct Graphite Paint finish, safeguarded by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, adds a touch of sophistication and durability.

Forged from solid metal (no tube), this set complements mansion-style fireplaces, creating a striking visual statement. The set includes a shovel, poker, tongs, and a stand, with the option to substitute any of these three tools with a broom upon request.

Each piece is a testament to fine artistry, not just welding, crafted in the old-fashioned way when everything was built to last forever, and craftsmen proudly signed their work. The solid hand-forged wrought iron construction, free from castings or hollow faux metals, ensures longevity and authenticity.

Handmade in Slovenia, Europe, in a blacksmith shop with a family tradition dating back to 1793, this fireplace tool set is a blend of heritage and craftsmanship. Elevate your fireplace experience with this exquisite Slovenian-made hand-forged wrought iron tool set – where tradition and quality converge!



  • wall hanging plate:  long 52cm ( 20.4" )
  • widest part 11.5cm ( 4.5" )