Copper Garden Hand Hoe Garden Copper Tool Small - Handcrafted Wood, Iron & Copper

Copper Garden Hand Hoe Garden Copper Tool Small

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                                Garden copper hoe

                Give Your Plants the Support they Deserve.

Copper garden tool has long been known in that the hoeing improves the soil, since, when in contact with the soil releasing copper, which feeds and partially disinfect the soil. Friction with copper hand hoe is small, which makes it easier hoeing.

This tool is not cast in the mold, but every hand cut and assembled, making each instance is unique.

For the production of garden tools it is used 2mm thick 99% copper.

Because of the lower strength of the copper nozzle holder is made from stainless steel.

It is developed and handcrafted in Slovenia.

Measures:  - handle 60cm long ( 23.6" )

                  - hoe 24cm from one side to other ( 9.4" )

                  - wider side 11cm x 7cm ( 4.3" x 2.75" )

                  - narrow side 11cm x 4cm ( 4.33" x 1.57" )

Why a copper tool?

The tool does not spark and not static, copper prevents the development of pathogens and prevent the infection of plants, increases the life potential, making the plants are bigger and stronger, it has a low coefficient of friction, so work with it much easier enriches the soil with few elements, allows development of cell membranes, organic compounds and resistance, repels slugs, not brown.