Cherry Wood Large Wooden Salad Servers Set Cooking Spoon & Fork Utensils 2pcs

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 Cherry Wood Large Wooden Salad Servers Set

Whether you're looking for a gift to give or a gift for yourself, whether you're looking for something for the holidays, special occasions or everyday use, these cherry wood salad servers are an exceptional choice.

Each server is 25.4cm long; these tools can be used to serve dinner side dishes, everything from pasta to salad.

"Slight imperfections" are signs of the fact that these pieces are handmade, not mass produced, the tools used are basic and simple but authentic.

The these pieces are a dense, naturally resinous hardwood, which, by it's very nature, resists penetration by water and will not absorb stains or odors.

Hand wash with warm soapy water and air dry. It doesn't typically require oil but, if for some reason it appears to be drying out, simply use a non-toxic mineral or cooking oil to restore the wood grain to its original beauty.

Measures: - length 25cm ( 9.8" )

                 - width at widest 7.5cm ( 2.9" )

Handmade in Europe - Slovenia. Tradition of wood ware since 1492.

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