Laundry Washboard Plate New European Vintage Style Medium Size

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Do you drive, walk or ride to the nearest coin-eating laundromat, or dump on relatives or neighbors? Why should you? If you hand wash your clothes, you can get the wash clean faster, more efficiently and more conveniently right where you are, electricity or not!

Simple hand washing can be easily and conveniently wash clothes by hand
Slim design with easy to use in confined spaces.
Good scrubbing board for a dishcloth and  dust cloth.
Primitive, antique and old fashioned laundry washboard.

 A little laundry soap (or other product) water and some finger pressure and/or rubbing 'squishes' out stains, dirt, oils and etc. with surprising ease. In fact, you have to be careful to not get too ambitious, rubbing too fast or too hard, or you can damage the fabric.


Dimensions: 55 x 32cm (21" x 12")

Handmade in Slovenia - Europe with a tradition in wood ware since 1492.