Hand Forged Fireplace Tools Set  Wrought Iron Handmade 4 Pieces Stove Set - Handcrafted Wood, Iron & Copper

Luxury Hand Forged Fireplace Tools Set Handmade 4 Pieces Set 68cm

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REAL Hand Forged Wrought Iron Fireplace Tools set

This is a handmade wrought iron fireplace tool set.
Blacksmith made, with heat, hammering and scrolling.

The finish coat is special Graphite Paint which is under protection of  Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia.

Set is made of solid metal (no tube).

It looks great next to a mansion style fireplace.

Set includes shovel, poker, tongs and stand. If you wish we can change any of those three tools with broom.

Hand crafted - fine art not welding.

Solid hand forged wrought iron - no castings or hollow faux metals.

Built in the old fashioned way "when everything was built to last forever" and craftsmen were proud to sign their work.


NOTE: For exact measures see the gallery.

Handmade in Slovenia - Europe with a blacksmith tradition since 1793.